Parent Involvement

At C.H.I.L.D., Inc. we believe that parents are the primary educators of their children, and that the home is the primary learning center. We believe that the successful development of a young child is directly related to his/her parent’s involvement in program services and home activities.


Parents may participate in the establishment of policies and procedures that govern C.H.I.L.D., Inc. programs. Opportunities include:

  1. C.H.I.L.D., Inc. Board of Directors
    Government, community, and parent representatives meet four times per year to establish and/or revise policies on program management, finances, personnel, and operations. Parent representatives are elected to serve
  2. C.H.I.L.D., Inc. Policy Council
    This group of elected parents meet once a month with the Head Start Director.  The committee is responsible for assessing, discussing, planning, and implementing the agency’s services to children and families.
  3. Program Service Advisory Committees
    The Early Childhood Development Committee, the Health and Nutrition Committee, and the Family and Community Partnerships Committee each provide parents with opportunities to work with the management staff to establish new services or improve existing ones.
Children Drawing on Floor in Preschool

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