Parent & Community Support

In order for CHILD, Inc. to continue our service to the community, we depend on “donations”. As a Head Start grantee we are REQUIRED to generate 20% of our operating budget from In-Kind donations or contributions. In-Kind donations are best described as the contributions of the participants and greater community that support the continued operation of the program. Donations of supplies, materials, or equipment count as In-Kind donations. Donations of volunteer hours from high school and college students or community members count as In-Kind donations. Your time volunteering in the classroom, attending meetings or trainings, and MOST IMORTANTLY, working with your child to reinforce individual goals through home curriculum activities count as  In-Kind  donations.

Home Curriculum Learning Activities for In-Kind Contributions

Throughout the course of the year your child’s Teacher or Home Visitor will be recommending specific home curriculum activities (PLAY) that you can do with your child that will support your child’s learning experience and the continuation of our Head Start program.

Home learning activities are a valuable resource for you to use to assist your child in meaningful play experiences that support development, supplement classroom curriculum and learning, and support agency efforts to secure continued federal funding. Through repetition AND documentation of these play experiences between home visits and parent conferences you will demonstrate your commitment to addressing your child’s developmental goals and in turn help to increase your child’s social/emotional, cognitive, physical, and language/literacy abilities and skills. 

Please support our efforts to continue to provide Head Start to the residents of Kent County! 

Please document your home curriculum activities and turn in your In-Kind contribution vouchers regularly! You can download the voucher here.