Family and Community Partnerships

Strong children come from strong families and strong families come from and help build strong communities. The notion of Family and Community Partnerships comes from the philosophy that working not only with children and families but also with community service providers, increases family well-being.

Our program strives to establish a strong partnership with each family to maximize the value of the program to both their child and the family as a whole. An important step in this process is the completion of a Family Partnership Agreement with the assigned family worker.  This document helps identify any needs a  family may have, and establishes goals for having those needs met. Program families and CHILD Inc. staff work together or “partner” on things related to securing basic needs, finding professional services such as a dentist or doctor, and helping parents return to the work force.This document also helps us know a family’s interests and allows us to plan workshops, groups, and other activities.

Each week education and social service staff participates in case review meetings with Child Development and Mental Health Managers. These review sessions are confidential and used to monitor both the child and family’s growth and development. No information is shared outside the agency without written permission. Exceptions to this policy are child abuse investigations conducted by the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, as well CHILD, Inc. reports to the department in cases of  potential harm of a child. All CHILD, Inc. staff members are required by law to report information regarding any potential physical or emotional harm of a child.