Nutrition Services

Meal Service at CHILD, Inc.

Nutritious meals are served as part of our program. The menus are designed based on the requirements and guidelines set by the USDA’s Child Care Food Program and provide 1/3 to 2/3 of a child’s minimum daily requirements for optimal growth and development. Children in our morning Head Start sessions receive breakfast and lunch. Children in the afternoon sessions receive lunch and supper. The extended day children are provided breakfast, lunch, and snack. Menus are posted in all classrooms, attached to the monthly newsletter, and available at each center for parents to take home. Menus are subject to change as a result of unforeseen circumstances, field trips, etc.

Nutrition as Part of the Classroom Curriculum

Meals are served “family style” in each classroom. Children are encouraged to serve themselves. Classroom staff sit and eat with the children, creating a pleasant, social atmosphere. A variety of foods are served daily to enhance the child’s mealtime experience and increase exposure to different foods. Foods offered include fresh fruits and vegetables, multicultural dishes, as well as familiar foods and newly introduced foods. Nutrition activities are encouraged in the classroom and are a great way to introduce new foods and teach children by involving them in the preparation and cooking process. Parents are welcome to participate in nutrition activities in the classroom. CHILD, Inc. will provide the ingredients. Birthdays are celebrated once a month in each classroom. If you have any questions about birthday celebration or would like to participate in a nutrition activity in the classroom, please discuss this with your child’s teacher.

Outside Food Policy

As a result of the major increase in life threatening food allergies among young children, it is our policy that no outside food is to be brought into any of the centers for any reason. This is to ensure the safety of all children enrolled.

Food Allergies

A note from your child’s physician documenting the suspected food allergy is required to modify a child’s diet. Any child with a food related allergy will be posted on an allergy list in the classroom and the kitchen.