6th Oct 2020
Avoid Evictions: Fill Out The Declaration Form and Apply For Rental Assistance Pursuant to a September 5 order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent, renters are protected from eviction until January 2021, if they meet certain conditions:
* your income is less than $99,000 per year ($198,000 for a joint tax return)
* you can’t pay rent because of loss of income, wages, hours or work or high medical expenses
* you are trying your best to make a payment, and if you were evicted, you would become homeless, need to move into a shelter, or with relatives.  

To get the protection from eviction, adult renters need to sign this declaration form. Make a copy for yourself and give the declaration to your landlord.

Renters who need help paying for rent can apply for the Safe Harbor Program online. You can also call 2-1-1 to find out about other rental assistance.

The Center for Justice (491-1101) or RI Legal Services (274-2652) can help you with more information and assistance with housing problems. Visit the Center for Justice website for more information in English and Spanish.