Styles & Paces of Learning

Oftentimes children of the same age learn in different ways and at different paces. There is a large range within what is considered “developmentally appropriate.” To ensure that children get the services and supports they need, we monitor where your child is developmentally.

All children who enroll in Head Start or Early Head Start receive a developmental screening within forty-five (45) days of enrollment. CHILD, Inc. also provides on-going developmental assessments for children periodically throughout the year. Depending upon the child’s age, we use screening and assessment tools such as the ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire), PSS (Preschool Screen), and the Creative Curriculum’s Developmental Continuum Assessment. Results of these screenings and assessments are discussed with parents and incorporated into individual goals for children.

If it appears that a child’s pace of development is different than most children of the same age, we may wish to refer the child for a further, more in-depth assessment by the local school department or Early Intervention. Following this assessment, it may be determined that the child would benefit from extra support at home or within the classroom. A plan would then be created with input from the parents and the various professionals involved.

When the school department schedules these meetings and a plan is developed, it is referred to as an IEP or Individualized Education Plan. If the child is under the age of three and referred to Early Intervention, the plan is referred to as the IFSP or the Individualized Family Service Plan. Basically, it is all the ingredients thought necessary to help the child learn in a style that he or she is most comfortable with. If you have any questions about screens or assessments, school systems, or Early Intervention, please talk with your child’s Teacher or Child Development Manager.