Mental Health Services

Young children by nature can be easily distracted, impulsive, aggressive, and have a lot of energy. The only time that a parent should be concerned about these characteristics is when they seem to prevent the child from doing things he or she would normally be able to do. When any behavior starts to effect the child’s or family’s functioning, other resources may be necessary.

CHILD, Inc. has a number of resources available should a child or family need additional support of guidance in times of added stress.

Short Term Family Intervention

CHILD, Inc. has several full time Social Workers available to work with families during times of severe family strain related to parent/child difficulties. The difficulties may be severe enough to require a referral for intensive mental health intervention. Sometimes parents might question or feel uneasy about accessing more intensive mental health services. CHILD, Inc. Social Workers can work with parents for four to six weeks to help concentrate on the difficulty and lessen the stress involved in getting connected to the metal health center.

Individual Child Therapy

Traditional individual child therapy is also available through one of our full-time, independent clinical social workers. Through this program parents will be involved in choosing treatment options, and actively participating to maximize the gains for their child.