Early Head Start

Early Head Start services are delivered to expectant parents, infants and toddlers through two program options:

Center-Based services offer year-round childcare. Full-day care is available for children six weeks through age three with a maximum group size of eight. Six home visits/parent conferences per year are conducted. Parents are assigned hours based on their schedules. Meals are provided.

Home-Based services are provided to families with children six weeks through age three year-round. This offers individualized weekly home visits and “Family Day” socialization experiences. Family day includes parent/child activities held in a classroom specifically designed for infants/toddlers and their parents. Family meals and a parent education group are also included.

Home-Based services are also provided to expectant parents through individualized weekly home visits. Visits include education regarding prenatal development, prenatal care, and realistic expectations of pregnancy. Information about medical, dental, nutrition, and mental health resources available in the community are also provided