Family Support Services

At CHILD, Inc. we realize that life is often stressful, and that parents sometimes feel like they are barely hanging on in trying to balance children, work, family, transportation, bills, etc. Sometimes parents feel alone and isolated in their day to day struggles. CHILD, Inc. recognizes the damage that stress can have on children and families and is able to offer some extra support during stressful times.

CHILD, Inc.’s Parent Aide Program is offered as a support service directly focused on parents. Parent Aides can help parents with just about anything. Some of the more typical supports Parent Aides provide are: support around creating and sticking to a budget, meal planning, routines, discipline, or helping to become aware of resources in your community. If unclear about your need but certain of the stress, Parent Aides can offer a supportive ear in helping to figure out exactly what you and your family might need and how to go about getting it.

The Parent Aide Program is uniquely designed according to your needs. You might feel that once a week, hourly visits for a month could help get a budget in place, or your needs might require longer, more frequent visits. CHILD, Inc. staff will partner with you in figuring out what works best for you and your family.

CHILD, Inc. Parent Support Groups are led by mental health professionals and are also available to parents. Sometimes just talking to other parents who have been through similar situations and stressors can be enormously helpful. CHILD, Inc. also offers Parent Workshops which include topics such as: child development, guiding behavior of young children, Rite Care, domestic violence, substance use, and community resources.

If you are interested in one of these programs, please speak with any of CHILD, Inc.’s social service staff or mental health managers.