SNAP Updates

6th Oct 2020
SNAP Guidelines Updated October 1 New Guidelines Implemented: SNAP income guidelines, deductions and benefits were updated for 2021 for benefits provided starting in October 2020. Income guidelines were increased to reflect the 2020 federal poverty levels. Maximum benefit amounts were increased (e.g., from $194 to $204 for a single individual). The minimum benefit remains at $16. We have updated our Guide to Assistance SNAP page and our Program Limits Chart to reflect the new SNAP changes.
COVID-19 SNAP Maximum SNAP benefits for October for all households: The amount of SNAP benefits a household receives is based on net income as calculated using SNAP deductions. Since March, DHS has received approval from the federal government to provide all households with the maximum amount of SNAP benefit for their household size (e.g., $535 for a household of 3). P-EBT: Families receiving SNAP benefits in September received extra benefits for the days that their children were not in school. Families not enrolled in SNAP also received P-EBT for their eligible school-aged children. If the family received P-EBT cards last spring, the benefit was added to those cards. New cards were sent for children just starting school. If a family did not have the cards, they can call: 1-888-979-9939 to request a new card